Why Hire a Transportation Service For Heavy Hauling?

Why Hire a Transportation Service For Heavy Hauling?

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When your project calls for a significant size of items to be moved, for instance, in construction, warehousing, convention and exhibits, and equipment sales and repair, care must be taken to ensure safety and timely delivery.

Working with a transportation company gives you an added relief knowing that your heavy, bulky items will be moved to their location properly, securely and on-time for your projects. Many hauling services have an inventory of vehicles that can get just about any job done.

Read on to learn the key reasons to hire a professional to handle the haul transportation of your heavy goods and materials directly to your construction site.

Safety Issues

If you own a construction company, then you know the requirements necessary to be properly insured for your business and employees. The same is true when you work with a transportation company. Insurance coverage is standard for any professional hauling service.

Additionally, by going with a specialized transport company, you avoid injuries to your personnel. Experienced professionals are responsible for properly securing your equipment while in transport in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

It’s just not worth the risk of injury to yourself and your business transporting heavy items and construction materials.

Experienced Drivers

Properly licensed drivers can make all the difference when transporting large items.

There’s a skill involved in doing the job properly. It’s more than just lifting and driving. An experienced driver is trained to handle haul specialty loads and knows the best routes to take (not necessarily the shortest) due to what is being hauled and the weather conditions.

They’re experts in handling large cargo and maneuvering in various environments, including hazardous. They take into consideration the on-time delivery needed and will map out a route that will deliver your equipment to its destination safely and without damage.

Right Equipment for the Job

You wouldn’t use a U-Haul to move large steel beams, right? Then what type of equipment is needed for oversized items? A transportation service will work with you to get the proper dimensions and weight for your heavy haul transport and determine what equipment to use.

Here’s a list of common heavy hauling equipment available to haul any number of items, from piping, scaffolding, lumber to rebar, concrete forms, and machinery.


Trucks are the most classic of all hauling equipment vehicles. As they can move quickly, transportation trucks make for extremely time-efficient and practical hauling equipment vehicles.

Their efficiency allows for more flexibility when it comes to diverting routes and rearranging delivery times. Hauling trucks are the most commonly used for transporting large loads of equipment from place to place.

Sack Trucks

Sack trucks, also known as hand trucks, are the staple of hauling equipment that most hauling companies will have on hand for moving large deliveries as well as heavy goods.

Though they may be less structurally integrated than a truck, they ‘re critical when it comes to avoiding personal injury during the transport of commercial loads.


Cranes are primarily for building construction but come in all shapes and sizes. They can either be static or mounted on moving vehicles, such as special trucks or vans.

Static cranes, due to their stability, can lift heavier loads with better reach. They lift and lower materials, such as bricks and metals, using ropes, hoists, and sheaves. As well as construction, they can also be used in demolishing structures.


These easy-to-maneuver hauling vehicles come in a variety of sizes and load capacities, depending on what kind of construction or hauling work you need them for.

A step up from a sack truck, they’re often seen in commercial and retail environments, such as stock rooms or warehouses, due to their convenient size and maneuverability.

High-powered forklifts are better suited to hauling equipment over shorter distances.

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